TELUS Security Labs

TELUS Security Labs is now operated by Trend Micro. Trend Micro's security research comprises the expertise of global threat researchers and data scientists working to identify emerging threats and scout the future, combined with third-party data and customer insights. Collectively, this threat intelligence strengthens all Trend Micro XGen™ security solutions to meet customers' protection and compliance needs.

Trend Micro is now the world's leading provider of security research, backing security vendors, large enterprise, and government organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our security research clients include over 50 of the world's top security product vendors, including 8 of the top providers of intrusion prevention technologies.

Our specialized capabilities include vulnerability analysis, malware and exploit analysis, security product development, and custom research. Using workflows and techniques refined through years of collaboration with our research partners, our highly skilled team of 30 researchers can reverse engineer a security threat and provide protection to our clients in less than 16 hours.

In addition to our core research, Trend Micro builds meaningful security content in the form of alerts and reports for several security companies. Leveraging the experience of our extensive security research teams, we create content that is informative and actionable for security analysts, managers and executives.